Flavors and Drink Options

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Traditional Lime Margarita  Rum          
Strawberry Margarita  Rum Vodka Champagne   Smoothies Non-Alcoholic
Razzberry Margarita  Rum Vodka Champagne   Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Lemonade Margarita  Rum Vodka       Non-Alchoholic
Mango Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne   Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Peach Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne   Smoothies  
Tropical Punch   Rum Vodka Champagne     Non-Alchoholic
Bananas   Rum       Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Cherry   Rum Vodka     Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Hurricane   Rum Vodka        
Mai Tai   Rum Vodka        
Pina Colada   Rum Vodka   Kaluha Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Pain Killer   Rum Vodka        
Goombay Smash   Rum Vodka Champagne     Non-Alchoholic
Rum Runner   Rum          
Watermelon   Rum Vodka Champagne     Non-Alchoholic
Blue Raspberry   Rum Vodka       Non-Alchoholic
Sour Apple   Rum Vodka       Non-Alchoholic
Dreamcicle     Vodka     Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Mud Slide     Vodka   Kaluha Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Sangria Add wine and brandy  
Margarita Man does not provide any alcohol, but we will gladly add the liquor you provide to the first batch when we are setting up for your event.  Check out our recipes for some ideas!
Our Award Winning flagship drink that will turn any backyard BBQ into a gourmet Mexican Festival.  Pale green in color and Lemon-Lime in taste, this is the Numero Uno Drinko!
Popular and versatile with lots of Real Strawberries, this flavor can mix with almost any liquor and is also a non-alcoholic staple at Kids parties.
A delicious alternative to the traditional margarita and one of our personal favorites.
Pina Colada
This traditional island drink contains pineapple and coconut.  Popular by itself and in combination with other flavors, this is the ultimate half 'n half flavor.
Goombay Smash
A Bahamian blend of pineapple, apricot and coconut, this is a superb rum drink and also great at non-alcoholic functions.  Delicious Mon!
Rum Runner
Known for flattening bar patrons in a single shot, this drink blends pineapple, banana,  blackberry, grenadine and orange for all the flavor of the original beverage but you control the potency.  Purple in color.
The popular Nawlins'er... New Orleans drink blends passion fruit with light and dark rums for a flavor as distinctive as the city it was born in.  Better stock up on the bead necklaces for this Mardi-Gras original.
A Hawaiian specialty featuring almond, lime, orange and grenadine flavors.  Add dark rum and light up the Tiki Torches!
Tropical Punch
Pineapple, orange, and lime flavors put the kick in our Tropical Punch!
Peach Bellini
As a Bellini, this fizzy concoction blends natural peach flavor with rum and champagne for a unique taste that'll have your guests asking for the recipe.
Real raspberries blended up to go in daiquiri form.  Also delicious with tequila as a Raspberryrita.
Try it with dark rum for a distinctive daiquiri or in combination with strawberry for a classic taste.
A perfect summertime refreshment - nice and tart
Orange, pineapple and a splash of coconut.  Mix with dark rum and this drink is sure to fix what is ailing you.
Blue Raspberry
This popular kid flavor has a bubble-gum taste and (surprise!) is blue in color.
Orange Cream like lifesaver.  Good at non-alcoholic functions and for folks who really like umbrella drinks.
Mudslide / Mocha Java
A chocolate/coffee blend that you can use to serve “High Octane” chocolate shakes (mudslides) or non-alcoholic frozen coffee.
Sour Apple
Pucker up!  Tastes llke Jolly Rancher® candy!  Mix with vodka for a grown-up kick!
No introduction needed for the this perennial kids' favorite
Ripe from the vine, Watermelon is a hit with the kids
A combination of fruit flavors delights when mixed with red wine and brandy.